What we do?

Sun & Sea Transfers is a service that connects you with travellers who need to
be driven from the airport, port, train stations or point to point, and desire a  secure driving to
the city. Once you become a driver by us you can schedule rides in
advance, get paid immediately, and work based on your availability.

Why be a driver by us?

Schedule Rides

Earn good money from the rides every driver wants. Get schedule rides from and to the airport or port in advance.

Forget the Lines

No need to wait anymore for hours in the airport or port for rides. Save time and do up to 6 such rides per day.

Our customers

are mostly visiting your city for the first time. They are here for holidays and always have interest to visit as many sights as possible.

Your Availability

You set your own schedule about the days and times you can work. All we care is the quality of service you offer.

Driver selection process

Every driver is carefully handpicked and assessed by the Sun & Sea Transfers team.
One-on-One Interview Identity and vehicle check“Good host”training program Ready for the first Ride


Do I have to be a professional driver?

Yes, we accept only licensed drivers who have a taxi or other professional driving license. You can still apply if you don’t hold such a license and we can give you information on how you can obtain one.

How do you select the drivers?

In order to join us you need to have a professional driving license, speak excellent English, enjoy helping people, and understand your role as the person who is welcoming a new traveler to your city, going above and beyond customer’s needs, and wanting to provide a professional service.

Is this a full-time work?

No this is not a full-time job. We are a platform that connects travelers with locals drivers who want to offer the best possible driving experience. You can still serve your own customers, We are here to help you gain more customers, not hire you to work solely for Sun & Sea Transfers.

Can I apply as a driver for any city?

Yes, you can apply as a carrier for any city. We will be opening your city. If you are the first to be selected from a new city, you will have special privileges and responsibilities.

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