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-Approximate route length: 25 km
-Journey time: 45 min.
-All exclusive

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Volos is one of Greece most popular city. And a travel destination with plenty of people visiting the town throughout the year. The journey from Nea Anchialos airport (VOL) can be fulfilled either by the bus line (ktel Volos) or though a private taxi transfer. The bus line has connection every 3 hours for 8.90€ from the airport. And the total trip usually takes around 1 hour under normal traffic. On the other hand, Volos airport taxi rides to Volos town cost from 50€ to 180€ depending on the time of the year the taxi operator and the vehicle you choose. Similar to buses, most car trips take around 45 minutes  from Volos airport to Volos town.

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Price for 2 passengers
Options – Price – Duration – Availability
Taxi 50 € 45 min 24/7
Bus 8.90 € 1 h  08:45–18:45

scoda enyaqGet from Nea Anchialos  airport to Volos by taxi

Due to the large number of private taxi companies in Volos Greece, taxis at the airport can be found in many colors and sizes. However, the general norm is to operate dark colored vehicles with the well recognized taxi roof sign, in addition to several standard company adds. Although most companies use taximeters as their fare calculator, the prices to Volos are usually fixed, since the resort town is quite far from the airport. From Volos airport the common fare among taxi companies is 50€ to 180€. Lastly, despite the 25 kilometers, journey to Volos takes around 45 minutes to arrive there.

Taxi fare from Volos airport to Volos

Due to the long distance of Volos town from Volos airport, taxi companies prefer to offer fares at fixed prices, in order to attract passengers who like to know prices beforehand, especially the ones that are on a limited budget. The standard fare for a regular sized vehicle is around 50€ on average. The price includes up to three passengers along with them luggages that properly fit in the trunk of the car.

Where do I get the taxi from?

Like in many other airports, the taxi rank at Volos airport is located right outside of the arrivals hall terminal. New passengers can always refer to the airport taxi service desk for further tips and information about prices and destinations.

Best options and convenience     

From a practical point of view, the taxis would take about half time in comparison to the bus to get to Volos. Nevertheless, the journey would be much nicer and comfortable mith a private transfer than a shared bus with 55+ passengers. However, the taxi price can always be shared with other travelers which would make the journey quite affordable as well.

Useful info & tips

It is also adviseable to book your taxi, mini van, mini bus in advance because, due to the long distance and big demade of the town it might be challenging to find available taxis for long distance connections.
For further information on available taxi companies operating at Volos airport you can visit the official Volos airport taxi website.

Rates may vary unless you book your taxi in advance.

salzburg-line-busGet from Volos airport to Volos town by bus

The bus line (Volos) drives from Volos airport to the popular Volos  town center. The bus can be found at the airport station from 8:45 am until 6:45 pm. However, the bus schedule is subject to constant alterations due to the time of the year and current weather. In general the trip from Volos airport to Volos town would take around 1 hour under normal circumstances, while standard tickets from the airport cost 8.90€ .

How much is the bus from Volos airport to Volos?

Although prices might fluctuate depending on the season, the most common price for the bus  is 8.90€ for a regular one way ticket. Reduced ticket options can be purchased as well at 6.80€, intended for children under the age of 14, and students.

Convinience safaty and value for money

The bus line to Volos is available from 8:45am to 6:45pm.

Where do I get the bus from?

The bus stop at Volos airport for the bus line (volos) is located in front of terminal 2, which can be reached by heading left after exiting the arrival hall building. Signs inside the airport can easily help passengers find the bus station.


The bus line (Volos) is the most popular mean of transportation from both Volos main station and eventually Volos airport to the popular Volos town. The travel time is not  similar to that of a private transfer and ticket prices are reasonable and practical. In addition, the bus line (Volos) has plenty of storage room for luggage and ski equipment.

Useful notes

Always contact the airport in advance to learn about updated schedules Volos bus line because the operating hours are constantly changing due to weather conditions and time of the year.

Useful tips

Unfortunately, tickets for the Bus line cannot be purchased in advance or online, thus there is a risk of missing the bus due to seat unavailability.
Any luggage and equipment of reasonable size can be stored in the 270 bus free of charge. More info at Volos airport site

Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Volos Airport to Volos?

The average fixed taxi price from Volos Airport to Volos is 50€. Factors, such as the time of the year and type of vehicle can further affect taxi fares.

How much is a bus ticket from Volos Airport to Volos?

Regular bus tickets cost 8.90€ for adults. Tickets can be purchased through the airport ticket machines and from the ticket counter next to the bus station.

How far is it from Volos Airport to Volos?

The distance from Volos Airport to Volos is 25 km. The total trip with a car usually takes around 45 minutes.

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