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Taxi Rhodes

To find a Taxi in Rhodes is very easy. Plenty of taxis are driving round the streets. Specially at the begining and the end of the season. They stand outside major touristic spots, looking for their next client. Fares might be higher compared to other Greek cities.

yet are reasonably priced and controlled by the Greek ministry of transfers. If you’re looking to go from A to B in comfort or you’re

short on time,

kallithea rhodesChoosing a taxi would be a great option.

You can easily stop a cab in the street, or call one of the 2 radio taxi companies (i.e. Rhodes Taxi +30 22410 34 267 ),

or simply walk to one of the main taxi ranks near transport hubs, major hotels and city attractions, or Rhodes airport.

However, if you want to benefit from on-time transfers, 24/7 personalized door-to-door services and professional,

English-speaking local drivers you can book your transfer in advance with Sun & Sea Transfers or Taxi-Rhodes-Airport, Rhodes-tours

and other private transfer companies.

How much does it cost a taxi?

Prices during the day and night

(06:00 – 24:00) Day time

(00:00 – 06:00) Night time



Blue sedans with white roofing and black sedans with taxi sign on the roof.

Rhodes Taxi Prices

Taxis in Rhodes are reasonably priced whilst the fares are regulated throughout the Greek ministry of transfers.

The actual cost of your ride will be calculated by a taximeter based on the time and distance travelled.

Generally. You can expect to pay round €7.80 for any trip within the city center during the day

and €11.80 between 00:00 and 06:00.

On Sundays, extra charges may apply all day.

Rhodes Taxis calculate their fares as follows:

Day time base fare €4.90

Additional price per km 1st kilometer: €1.50 and each additional kilometer: €1.30

Waiting time per hour €45.90

Nighttime Base Fare €5.90

How to get a Taxi in Rhodes

Finding a transfer service in Rhodes is at easy and fast due to their wide availability and 24/7 service.

Whether you’re coming from the airport or are eager to explore the city with ease, you’ll find your cab in less than 20 minutes.

You can get a cab from the street or call one of the local company and get cab in a matter of minutes.

Also, you can find one at the many taxi ranks in the round old and new city center and major touristy spots such as hotels water park, and the airport.

If it’s getting dark or rainy and you’re rushing back to your hotel, you can call a taxi to come and pick you up whilst you wait indoors comfortably. Although different companies offer this style of pickup, a very reliable one is Rhodes Taxi which can be reached on +30 22410 34 267.

Pre-book your Rhodes Transfer with Sun & Sea Transfers

Taxis in Rhodes calculate their fares based on many factors like the time and distance travelled,

the traffic and the size of the vehicle. Furthermore, taxi companies have surcharges and fees that may apply and increase the final cost of your fare. If you want to now your journey cost in advance precooking your Rhodes taxi service with Sun & Sea Transfers takes only a few seconds. For a competitive fixed cost no hidden fees and exceptional personalized service. Call Sun & Sea Transfers 24/7, and book your taxi in advance with.

Rhodes taxi tips

All Rhodes taxis are equipped with card machines making both cash and card payments feasible. Tipping your driver in Rhodes isn’t obligatory. But, if you receive a satisfying service and enjoy your ride you can tip your driver any amount you wish or round up your fare.

Taxis in Rhodes don’t provide baby seats, but you can bring and fit your own at no extra cost.

For your safety, it’s recommended to wear your seat belt at all times whilst in the taxi.

If you got heavy luggage with you, you don’t need to worry about extra charges as luggage is included in the fare.

Individuals with disabilities get a discount on the standard taxi fare.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Rhodes.

Rhodes is amongst the most wheelchair-friendly cities in Europe. In addition, all taxis have plenty of space to store your wheelchair, even though they don’t all provide special ramps or seating for wheelchair users. However, If you need a fully wheelchair-accessible vehicle with spacious seating, large walkways and access ramps you can get one by calling +30 22410 32400 arranging this at least 12h hours in advance is recommended to ensure availability.

Rhodes Taxi Safety and Complaints

Even though it’s very unlikely to receive bad taxi service in Rhodes, if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable during your trip, or you think you have been more than normal, make sure you keep a record of your receipt with the driver’s details so you tin make a complaint by calling their company afterwards. For more serious incidents, you can use the driver’s name, registration and pickup/drop off details to file a report by visiting your nearest police station.

Frequently asked questions

How do I call a taxi in Rhodes?

Calling a taxi in Rhodes is easy and fast. If it’s getting dark or cold and you feel like going back to your accommodation, you can just call a taxi from the 2 radio taxi companies and wait less than 15 minutes till your driver arrives. Although different companies offer this style of pickup, a popular one is Rhodes Taxi which can be reached on +30 22410 47 141.

Is the taxi service in Rhodes reliable?

Overall, Rhodes taxis offer reliable and professional services. Even though it’s unlikely to get bad taxi service in Rhodes, the quality of the service may vary depending on the company and the driver. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable during your ride or you realize you have been overcharged, keep your driver’s details and call their company to discuss your experience afterwards.

Is Rhodes taxis expensive?

Even though rates are higher compared to other cities, taxi fares in Rhodes are reasonably priced whilst regulated throughout the city, making taxi transfers the most convenient and popular transport option. In general, you should expect to pay round €8.70 for any trip within Rhodes city center during the day, and €9.70 between 00:00 and 06:00.

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